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Non-proft, ‘Still Kickin’, Offers Hope to Cancer Patients and their Families

All photos credit to: @kyleeandchristiancreative and Still Kickin

“Life is tough, so help a human out.”

“Life is tough, so help a human out.” Sound advice on life as provided by the non-profit Still Kickin, whose primary focus every month is to provide financial help to a person, family or organization in need. Based out of Minneapolis, GoodBulb’s friendly neighbor to the East, Still Kickin was formed after Aaron Purmort had a seizure. A bad seizure. One that turned out to be a really nasty flavor of brain cancer. Aaron was wearing the now iconic and simple green T-shirt, his favorite one, with the words “STILL KICKIN” pasted in white across the chest. Words that became a motto to him and his family on that fateful day. 

Each month, they choose a “Still Kickin Hero” to provide financial assistance to in the form of unconditional grants.

How amazing is that?!

With a smile on his face, Aaron bravely fought his new reality for three years, but was not able to overcome his cancer battle in the end. However, Still Kickin is now a phrase that provides hope to folks dealing with their own bleak realities, not just about a cancer diagnosis but for anything causing hardship in the here and now, and that green T-shirt helps to serve as a visual reminder that “whatever tough stuff comes your way, you’re ready to kick it in the you-know-what”! 

After his death, Aaron’s wife, Nora, and her good friend, Lindsay, had an idea to make copies of Aaron’s T-shirt. They wanted to sell them and donate the proceeds to another family in need. The T-shirts became quite a hot-ticket item and Still Kickin as a non-profit was born!

If you would like to follow their story and see how you can help, spread the word about their mission, or even if you just want one of these neat shirts, take a trip to the Still Kickin website, or find them on Facebook and have a look!