Lighting that makes your whole house happy

This used to be a common occurrence in our house; maybe you can relate. You walk in the kitchen, flip on the lights, and smile as the area is filled with clean, bright light.

“Ow, that’s so bright!”

It’s your wife. She walks out squinting and quickly flips off the switch.

“We need warmer lighting in here,” she laments. “I don’t like that white light.”

“I love that white light,” you say. It makes everything look so clean…

And there you are, at a standstill. How to solve the problem?

We found our answer by switching to color-select, LED retrofit lights. This was a game-changer for our home. I prefer a bright, clean light that has a bluish hue. My wife prefers a warm white light to create an inviting feel. In the past, we bickered about which type of lightbulb to get.

With GoodBulb’s LED retrofit lights, we’re able to switch from warm to cool lighting without completely changing the lightbulbs. These retrofit lights replace your typical can lights in your home with a quick-and-easy installation process:

  1. Pop off the existing rim of your can light.
  2. Remove the existing lightbulb.
  3. GoodBulb LED retrofit light easily slides into place.
  4. The attached standard medium-base screw is designed to be compatible with the existing fixture.
  5. Metal clips lock your light into place.
Adam explains the benefit of LED retrofit lights in our video! (below)
Adam explains the benefit of LED retrofit lights

With your new GoodBulb LED retrofit lights, you can use the color select option to create the lighting ambiance that you prefer. Use a more yellow, warm light for a softer hue, or if you’re like me, a more blue, white light for a stark, bright feeling. You can also use dimmable LEDs to easily adjust how bright you want your light.

Now, to figure out who gets to control the lighting… 😉 (Don’t worry… we take turns!)

Get your own GoodBulb LED retrofit lights here: