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Guide To Replacing Incandescent Light Bulbs With LED

How do I replace my incandescent bulbs with LEDs?

Back in the day, 100-watt incandescent light bulbs produced between 1200 and 1600 lumens, depending on voltage and who made the bulb. They also emitted light in all directions.

To replace the 100-watt light bulb with an LED, you will need a bulb that has at least 1200 lumens.

The LED should also be Omni-directional so the light illuminates in all directions.

If you are also looking for the same light color as the standard 100 watt incandescent, you will need a 2700 Kelvin LED. The 3000 Kelvin will be brighter and whiter than a standard incandescent.

Use the guide below to replace your incandescent light bulbs with LED:

We recommend trying a few LED bulbs before investing in LED. We know many customers who replaced a 100-watt incandescent with a 800-lumen LED and they tell us it appears to be brighter than their old bulbs.

Originally published Dec. 4, 2014 and updated January 21, 2020.